📍 You Can Pay with PayPal But Please Follow These Directions! 👉

Your payment must be sent to our PayPal through your PayPal account online through the app or on their website and it must be sent as a GIFT, or Friends & Family payment when you send it, meaning when you are sending the money you will have the option to select these as the reason for sending.. YOU MUST do this to receive your order, as PayPal has strict policy this is the only way we are able to take your PayPal funds if you send as payment for items it will flag our PayPal which won’t be good for your order.

Also when sending if you want you can put notes like donation, good luck, happy holiday, etc or try and be funny or gimmicky but DO NOT MENTION WEED, DRUGS, 420, GREEN, Anything of that sort or it will jeopardize your order!

If that’s all clear and you make sure to just send as a gift or f&f payment on PayPal you will receive your order in 1-3 days.. Also make sure to send a follow up email to Stacks@StacksAMilli.com with your order # or the items you’d like to buy.

Our Email for PayPal is ediblesmyonline@gmail.com
All Prices are in USD [United States Dollar] and should be converted and sent as such.