Archive / December, 2019

We’re Adding More Drugs 💊 & New Products! 💋

We are currently under a gigantic renovation of product categories & our menu and now will be offering different types of drugs for sale other than Cannabis! I will mind you that your purchase of Cannabis will be from a completely different supplier and all 420 related products will ship exclusively from the 420 section […]

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! 🎅🤶 🍪🥛 🧝‍🧝‍♀️ 👪 🦌 🍷 👼 🕎 2019 – 2020 📆

As you may of seen we have ramped up our marketing for the holidays 🎄🕎, as always we offer the best of marijuana bud and flowers, derivatives such as oil, shatter, dabs, budder, & edible snacks and treats infused with medicated goodness. (THC & CBD) ⚗🧬🧫 🦁 We take pride in running our business and […]